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Design is the first and most critical part of the project's life-cycle. It sets the foundations and principles of all subsequent stages.

All design parameters should be addressed at an early stage, to ensure compliance with current standards but also to avoid costly variations and complications in the construction and delivery stages.


Our experienced team of specialized engineers and designers can support our client in achieving the desired result through economical and scientific methodology.

Our Project management is the discipline of using established principles, procedures and policies to manage your project from conception through completion.

Project management oversees the planning, organizing and implementing of your secure that it is delivered on time, on budget, and the desired quality.



Hospitals are the most complex buildings. They function as a living organism, and are a combination of areas offering many different services, ranging from auditoriums and waiting areas, to food service and wards, to operating theatres and intensive care units.

It is evident that a specialized team should address the logistics and circulation of people and items, to achieve efficiency and coordination. The placement and design of the cleanroom areas can greatly save time, funds and resources.

A functional design can promote skill, economy, conveniences, and comforts; a non-functional design can impede activities of all types, detract from quality of care, and raise costs to intolerable levels.

In our Design we will:

  • Determine the needs of the Cleanroom in Size and Functionality

  • Optimize the position and relative circulation of patient - operator - equipment. 

  • Separate the paths of patient - operator - equipment in order to eliminate cross contamination.

  • Conduct collision studies for lights, pendants and circulating staff

  • Address all issues related to MEP design and space pressurization.

  • Fully design in concept, 2 dimensional, and three dimensional level

  • Specify materials in type and quantity


Hospitals are the most complex buildings also in terms of mechanical and electrical services.

They have installations and networks, such as the medical gases, that are unique to healthcare buildings.

Furthermore, the control and balancing of the micro-environment within the critical spaces is essential for the protection of patient life.

The HVAC must be balanced and precise, and the electrical networks must be accurately designed in order to avoid any micro currents that could harm the patient under anesthesia.

We will design your system with the latest HTM, ISO 14644, and ASHRAE standards

In our Design we will:

  • Design the Medical Gas Piping required for the Operating Theatre

  • Determine the air pressurization layout within the entire suite.

  • Design the air patterns within the OT

  • Specify air changes as per the standards, and size of LAF canopy

  • Calculate and arrange light intensity in the room as per standards

  • Separate electrical circuits to normal, Emergency, UPS, and IPS.

  • Position Low Voltage networks, such as nurse call, voice & data, and alarms.

  • Design integration for AV and network communications

  • Specify materials in type and quantity


If you are running a hospital with operation theatres, you are already spending more money than you need.

Older hospital standards, deemed the systems to be extremely energy consuming, to a level of 300% more than any standard hospital area. 

Our approach is to modernize the systems, with simple but efficient solutions that could reduce your bills by more than 50%.

Any such intervention would be returned in less than a year.

Furthermore, consuming less energy adheres to the global approach towards energy conservation and protecting the environment.

In our study we will:

  • Calculate the consumption and improve the efficiency of the HVAC systems

  • Analyze and distribute the electrical circuits efficiently.

  • Recover energy from all systems for secondary energy recycling.

  • Analyze the illumination consumption and compare it with new technologies

  • Address hot water consumption and produce it for free from recovery sources.

  • Report the overall expected savings from applications of our solutions


Our Project Management team is the best selection to manage your project at any point of its life-cycle. Either from the design, or the construction stage.

We have proven experience in construction management, and we are trained in the latest practices and software, to secure that the project is delivered on time, on budget, and at the desired quality.

Our Engineers can also support you with Supervision Services, to ensure that these critical areas are overseen by a responsible specialist, and can solve any problems that arise from the day to day works.

Our Services include:

  • Project analysis and budgeting

  • Support on evaluation and selection of partners (consultants-contractors-procurement)

  • Define the project time-schedule, milestones and critical path

  • Negotiate terms of agreements and contracts

  • Analyze, manage and mitigate risks

  • Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status

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