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Modular Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms in Healthcare

Cleanrooms, by denition, are designed to control airborne particulate and environmental conditions. Cleanrooms can be positive or negative pressure environments that sweep a specified area with filtered air.

Critical pharmaceutical, microbiological, and nano-technological areas require adherence to exacting performance requirements.


The main types of Cleanrooms in Healthcare are:

​-Operating theatres

-Intensive Care Units


-Sterile or Radioactive Laboratories

Advantages of the Modular Systems

Modular Systems were developed along with the rapid technological advances in the Healthcare Cleanroom needs. The main advantages are:

-Hygienics: The room is assembled by panels formed from Surgical Grade stainless steel, coated with powder paint. The room shell does not contribute to the creation of dust as the standard materials (brick, plasterboard, paint).

- Modularity: It is very easy to modify, or even expand the room. Simple upgrades such as the addition of a wall element (monitor, PACS, outlets) can be done in hours, thus minimizing the OR downtime.

- Low Running Costs: The room does not need any maintenance apart of the scheduled cleaning. Plastering, painting, etc are now practices of the past.

- Flexibility: The elements of the room can be moved to the requirements of each user easily and swiftly, without heavy civil works.

- Durability: Strong construction resilient to the everyday hits and knocks, that offers a warranty of 10 years. 

- Fast Construction: A pre-designed and pre-manufactured system that will be installed and commissioned within a month.

SCUBE Modular Advantages

Unique 4 panel System: Our innovative four panel system allows maximum versatility in order to accommodate continuous changes and adaptation to new technological breakthroughs.


Widest Panels in the market: Our Modular system has the widest single panel in the market to accommodate a vision panel of up to 65 inches.


Client centered approach: Every Project is custom made, with innovative design from our engineers and developed in 2D and 3D representations.


Proven installation record:  with several installations in the region by own factory team and not outsourced


Unique Stainless Steel Rounded Corners:  We are the only company that offers rounded corners made of Stainless Steel fir the wall to wall joints, as well as wall to ceiling joints. We have eliminated weak impurities such as aluminium profiles and plastic joints. Effectively, when standing in an SCube room, you are surrounded by a shell  made of Stainless Steel only


Large Ceiling Panels:  Provide easy and quick access for maintenance and upgrades


Customized Ceiling Lights:  Our Lights are low energy high efficiency LED fixtures, that snap on any system for quick installation and access.

SCUBE Modular Standards

Our Modular System is fabricated in the EU, and designed & manufactured made in accordance to:

1. HTM 03-GB: British Health Technical Memoranda
2. ISO 14644: Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments Parts 1, 2 and 3.
3. PD 6609:2007: Environmental cleanliness in enclosed spaces.
4. EN ISO 9001:2009: Design and Manufacture of interior panel systems, specialized doors and gates, and steel furniture for food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.


Unique Modular Stainless Steel Walls:

Our innovative four panel system, is manufactured in the EU Factory.

It is made out of 1mm thick surgical steel, painted with powder coating to the color of your choice.
It allows maximum versatility in order to accommodate continuous changes and adaptation to new technological breakthroughs. It remains the vertical modular system with the most tight airlock solution and smallest gap in the industry of 4mm.
It has the widest single panel in the market to accommodate a vision panel
of up to 65 inches.

Modular Ceiling:

Our modular ceiling is airtight, made out of 0.6mm thick surgical steel, painted with powder coating to the color of your choice.

The ceiling panels are large 1,2mx0,6m panels to allow easy access to the ceiling bulkhead for servicing or additional services.

Medical Doors and Windows:

Our Medical doors and windows, are made of stainless, acid resistant,
ground steel.

The door is insulated and pressurized with polyurethane foam.
Tightness is achieved by perimetrical silicone seals and a bottom lowering
rubber seal.

The windows can contain electrically operated blinds.
Offered both manual and automatic, they are operated by clean scan sensors and elbow/knee switches.

Ultra Clean Ventilation Canopies (LAF) and HEPA filters:

Our Laminar Air Flow is made in from Germany and Italy to ensure the
correct particle filtration as per cleanroom standards and classification.

We provide filters for all applications, (HEPA, ULPA, F7, F8 etc) for economic and fast replacement of your existing rooms.

All our Filters are made in the EU and come pretested from the factory.

Medical Grade Room Lights:

Our Room Lights are Medical Grade, and use advanced LED solution for low energy consumption and high illumination output. 

They snap-on the ceiling, in the exact same way as the ceiling tile panels for easy rearrangement of the room light intensity and focus.

Medical Furniture:

Our Medical Furniture is produced out of the same medical grade stainless
steel as our modular system.

It can be both flushed into our system such as cabinets and pass through
windows, as well as free standing, such as stools, trolleys and tables, and desks

We also produce medical Stainless steel  Scrub Sinks with IR sensor taps and thermostatic water mixers.

Audio Visual And Integration Systems:

We offer a wide selection of Audio Visual devices along with the integration Systems.

Every project is custom made to the desired extent, complexity and requirements of the client


-PACS Units

-Video over IP encoders&decoders

-Optic fiber and copper cabling and connections

-Video Routers

-Video Recording and Archiving Units

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